Babes in the Wood

This was the story of 2 wealthy children who’s parents had gone off to fight in the Crusades (well, their mother realised that her husband had forgotten to take his sandwiches so followed him to deliver them!) leaving their children in the care of the Wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. He hatched a dastardly plan to dispose of the children and steal their inheritance. The delectable Maid Marion was also back in town and the Sheriff decided that she would make a wonderful wife, much to her revulsion. In steps Robin Hood and his Merry Men (aided by Dangerous Dave, the Dame and a fairy) to save the day! They must rescue the children and save Maid Marion from having to marry the horrid Sheriff!

Babes in the Wood was put on in 2019 and featured:

Albert, Kim, Elliott, Suzanne, Sue, Sarah, Paula, Sasha, Jim, Emily Jess, Sharon and Christine.