Goldilocks & the 3 Bears

A wicked queen bee wants to take over the forest and drive out the humans who live there so she and her bees can live undisturbed. What’s the best way to do that when you have a family of bears living in the wood? Hypnotise the bears and instruct them to get rid of the villagers and their village of course!

Who can stop her dastardly plan, save the bears and protect the village?

Tom Tom and Goldilocks aided by Auntie Septic and Ray work out what’s happening and save the day, with the help of 2 woodcutters!

Goldilocks and the 3 bears was put on in 2018 and featured:

Kim, Paul, Suzanne, Sarah, Paula, Emily, Sasha, Sue, Zoe, Dee, Karen, Jess, Becky and Elliott.